Best Disc Golf Starter Sets for Beginners

As a beginner in disc golf, it can be hard to figure out what is the right discs. Unlike most sports the equipment that you use does play a part into how well you do. We want to help you out and discuss the 11 best disc golf starter sets for beginners. 

Why do I need a starter set?

You do not NEED a starter set. There is no reason as a beginner that you need more than one disc. In fact we recommend using one disc to figure out how to throw. However, we also understand that you may want to learn to throw three different discs to see how they glide and to help you better understand the game. Everyone learns a little differently, and for that reason we want to help you make the best decision for your starter set. 


Another reason that you may want to consider a starter set is that overall the discs are a bit cheaper. One example of this is the Innova Disc Golf Set. The disc set is about $30 for three discs. That is roughly $10 a disc which is much cheaper than just buying a Yikun Professional Disc Golf Twin Swords Distance Driver. The Yikun is about $26 for just the disc when you can get 3 for roughly the same price. Starter sets are typically cheaper on a per disc basis. If you are looking for individual discs, check out our recommendations for beginners here.

What are the 11 best beginner disc golf starter sets?







At the top of our list is the Innova Disc Golf Set. The set includes one driver, one mid-range, and one putter. It even has the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) approval. This is probably one of the most affordable starter sets as well as the best disc golf starter sets for beginners. It is made of Dx Plastic for beginner weights, and has all of the discs you need to get started. 


The starter set includes a Leopard control driver, the Shark mid-range, and the Aviar putter. All three are extraordinary beginner discs that can take you from a beginner to an intermediate or advanced player. 

Innova Disc Golf Set




The next disc golf starter set for beginners that is on our list is the Westside Discs Origio Burst Disc Golf Starter Set. This starter set includes the Origio Burst Crown, Warship, and Underworld. Part from the awesome Viking theme and design around these discs, they were created with the beginner in mind. 


The Underworld is a great understable disc for beginners. It will help any player to throw an anhyzer throw. The Warship is a user friendly mid range disc that is easy to control. If you are learning to throw this is the perfect disc for you. The Crown is a consistent putter that has a stable glide that makes the perfect tool to finish every hole.


Curious what the numbers mean? Check out this article.  





Looking for a PDGA approved standard size and weight starter set for beginners? Then look no further than the Yikun Disc Golf Starter Set. The starter set includes the Hu (driver), Kui (mid-range), and Gui (putter). The Hu is a typical distance driver and can help any beginner gain good control while putting a little distance on the disc. The Kui is a great mid-range disc that is well balanced, and is easy to use for every beginner. The putter, Gui, is one of the most popular putters in the game and the reason why this starter set gets the number three spot. At the bottom of the disc, there is GRIP ZONE anti skid area that provides players with different touch when holding the disc. This makes for a comfortable grip which brings a stable putting game. 






one of the best starter sets in disc golf for beginners is the Latitude 64 Beginner Retro Burst Disc Golf Starter Set. This set includes Diamond (driver), Pearl (mid-range), and Ruby (putter). These easy to use discs will help any beginner start to throw consistently. One of the most difficult skills to perfect when starting to play is control. These discs will help you learn how to control a disc while throwing in disc golf. 







The Divergent Discs 3-Disc Beginner Disc Golf Starter Set includes the Narwhal putter, Leviathan mid-range, and Kraken driver. These are made from a premium max grip plastic that makes them easy to throw in any weather. This starter set for beginners or players with slower arm speeds is the perfect combination of accuracy and control that a beginner needs to becoming a consistent player. Not to mention the price on this set is very affordable. 



Buy with confidence as these 3 discs include the 2013 disc of the year the Judge. The Dynamic Discs 3 Disc Prime Burst Starter Set is one of the best starter sets that money can buy. Become a better disc golfer as these were handpicked by World Champions at Dynamic Discs and are everything you need to go from beginner to intermediate. 







Who doesn’t like a superhero? The Superhero driver will save your day. In this disc golf starter set you will get the Superhero driver, Pirate mid-range, and the Zombie putter. The plastic is a lightweight base plastic which helps every beginner learn to perfect the game. The Superhero driver was specifically made for beginners to get the most distance as possible. 



The perfect beginner set. The Latitude 64 Advanced 3 Disc Retro Burst Starter Set comes with everything that you need to play disc golf. In the set you will find the Retro Keystone, Retro Fuse, and Retro Saint. These are some of the most versatile discs that you can play with. As a beginner set you find the 3 most popular discs from Latitude 64.


The 1st Disc Disc Golf set is a great disc golf beginner set for anyone. This set includes a driver, mid-range, and putter. The plastic is top quality heavy duty plastic that makes for an excellent feel while playing. 




Viking Discs Starter set includes 8 discs! This set includes the Odin (distance driver), Ragnarok (distance driver), Barbarian (stable fairway driver), Cosmos (stable fairway driver), Axe (stable mid-range), Storm Rune (straight putter) and 2 Ground Runes (straight putter). These are made of a mixture of Viking Discs Storm and Ground plastic for high quality set to add to your disc golf bag. These durable, comfortable, have a great grip for disc golfing in any weather which makes this great for beginners. Buying in bulk saves you money. However, having too many discs as a beginner could hinder your performance, but affordability is a large component which is the main reason this made the list. 



This beginner disc golf set has everything that you need to start which is why it is on the list. Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Starter Set includes a bag, the Judge, Escape, Crutch, a towel, and a placing disc. The discs are worth roughly $15-20 each. To get everything for the price of the discs is a steal for any beginner looking to get a few accessories as well. 


There is a lot of little details in disc golf, but we hope that as a beginner this helps you buy the perfect starter set for you. Disc golf starter sets are not for everyone. Here at FrolfHQ, we do recommend that  you start with one disc for a few rounds. Once you understand how to throw it will be more beneficial to move on to more frisbees. Remember consistency is key. Beginner today, Ace tomorrow! 


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