What is an Ace in Disc Golf?

In this blog, we will be discussing what an Ace is in disc golf, frolf, or frisbee golf. 

Ace Definition

Imagine you are disc golfing on a hot and humid day, and sweat profusely coming off of your hands. You come up to the last hole, and just want the round to be over. It is a par 3 and you typically birdie this hole. You tee off and have this different feeling when the disc comes out of your hand. You watch as it glides over everything, and turns towards the basket. You hear the chains hit one another as your disc floats to the bottom. You scream with excitement as you have just hit your first Ace. 

An Ace in disc golf is when you are able to throw the disc from the beginning tee into the basket or hole in just one throw. In golf this is typically called a hole in one, but in the disc community it is referred to as an ace. This is a huge phenomenon within the disc golf community since it is rare that this occurs. 


How to Commemorate an Ace?

When you finally get your first ace, what is the best way to commemorate the monumental occasion? Our opinion at FrolfHQ is to write on the disc. We write the disc course name, hole number, and date. Some holes have a sign that is specifically for people who ace the holes. We do recommend that you use those as well, but if there is no sign please do not vandalize signs. It is really easy to take out your sharpie from your bag, and write on the sign, but this is NOT okay. If you are unsure of a bag to buy, check out our review at Best Disc Golf Bags. Please make sure that there is a sign specifically for the Acers. 



We also recommend that if you hit an ace with a disc that you retire the disc and stop using it. Every disc is working its way to be retired. The more you use a disc the more damage is caused to the disc, and will eventually stop flying the most optimally. The numbers on the disc will tell you about how the disc flies. If you are unsure what the numbers means, check out our blog here. In short the more you use a disc, the more damage occurs to the disc, and the more likely it is that the disc will stop flying optimally.



Another reason why we recommend retiring the disc is what if you lose the disc. There is still a possibility every time the disc is thrown that you end up losing the disc. This is why we recommend that you also put your name and number on the disc when you get it. It is good etiquette if you find a disc to return it within the disc community, but that does not mean you will get your disc back. Do you really want to take that chance? 


Quick Tips to Get Your First Ace

1. Never Play to get an Ace

Out of all of the aces we have gotten at FrolfHQ, none of us have ever played a round to only get an ace. It comes naturally as you play. Never show up to a hole and think about the ace. Just play the game naturally and give it your best shot, and you will eventually get an ace. 

2. Learn to Throw

Seems like a basic item, but it is more optimally just to keep practicing how to throw then to throw a different way each time. The more accurate and precise throw you have the more likely it will be that you get an ace or hole in one. If you are a beginner, and need discs check out our blog for beginners to help you get started. Click here. 

3. Be Patient

It is pretty easy to get frustrated, but there are people who have been playing for years that still have never experienced the ace. It will happen, just be patient. 

4. Play More Holes

Consistency is key. The more holes and rounds you play. The more throws you make the more opportunities you have to finally get your once in a life time ace.  

In Conclusion

Getting your first Ace is going to be a long journey. If you are lucky it can happen right away, but for most disc golfers it takes a while. Don’t get frustrated, and remember that consistency is key. The more you practice the better you will become. Beginner today, Ace tomorrow. We wish you the best luck as you accomplish this huge feat. 

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