Best Disc Bags

While going through our reviews we decided it would be more beneficial to give you a few bags that we believe are currently the best disc golf bags in the market. We wanted to give you a few different options that people look for when deciding what kind of player they are. We hope you enjoy the review, and hope you find the perfect bag for your favorite disc golf player!

Best Value for a Disc Bag

This is a lightweight and durable backpack that is made of 600D Cordura Nylon material with padded straps and a padded back panel for comfort. It can hold over 18 discs in the main compartment, and has plenty of storage for your phone, keys, wallet, scorecards, and towels. It even has storage for a 32 oz water bottle. It is an extremely high-end bag with plenty of space that can hold plenty of disks. This is why it is one of the best disc bags that you will find on the market. 

Disc Golf Bag Option

Most Versatile Disc Bag









If you have a bad back or just would prefer a push cart over a backpack this push cart is your answer. This is a lightweight and durable push cart that folds in an easy to store compact 13″ x 15′ x 24″. It is all terrain, and ready to take on all hills, puddles, mud, and even rocks. The reason we have this on our list is because some people do have bad backs, and we want to accommodate everyone. This disc golf bag is fully loaded with storage, parking hand-brake, umbrella mount, and even a cup holder. If you are looking for a push cart with a bag, we highly recommend this one. 

Best Disc Bag with Cooler

If you are looking to hold as many drinks as possible while disc golfing this is hands down the best bag for you. This light and durable disc bag holds up to 20 discs. It offers plenty of space to store all of your discs for a round. It also has the capacity to hold 12 cans of your favorite drinks. This is roomy enough to support the weight of your discs while also holding all of your refreshment needs. With two zippered storage compartments this bag has the capacity to hold your valuables and accessories throughout your rounds. 

Best Beginner Bag

The Athletico Power Shot Disc Golf Backpack was built and designed to keep all of your disc golf gear at your side. Enjoy easy access to store over 20 of your most used discs. The padded shoulder straps and cushioned lumbar support will allow the most comfort possible. The bag has plenty of storage for all your needs as well as an insulated cooler pocket. As you put the bag on the ground you will find that there are sturdy feet to allow the bag to stand up straight as you pick your discs to use. We believe that this is a great beginner disc bag and you will definitely not go wrong with it! If you are a beginner and want to learn more about discs or how to play disc golf check out our blogs Disc Golf For Beginners: The Basics and Best Discs for Beginners.

Best Disc Golf Bag for Storage







The Prodigy BP-2 disc golf bags are designed to cover all of your needs. It has multiple pockets for storage for all of your accessories. The BP-2 is perfect for tournament play since it has enough space to fit over 26 discs. If you have lots of discs that you use this is the perfect bag for you. The disc golf bag also has adjustable storage straps. This is the best storage bag that you can currently get. 

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