Best Disc Golf Drivers for Beginners

One of the hardest things to do when you first start is trying to decide what discs to use. There is a lot of information out there for disc golf, but we want to help. In this post we will be discussing our recommendations for the best disc golf drivers for beginners. 

One of the first things that you should look for and learn about is the numbers that are on the discs. Yes, I know you probably are thinking why do they matter? Well they actually mean a lot. Let’s briefly go over what the numbers mean.



  • Speed-The first number on a disc is how fast the disc must be thrown for the correct flight path to occur. This is on a scale of 1-14 with 14 being the fastest.  Beginners should look for a disc with a speed between 1-7.
  • Glide-The second number on a disc is the disc’s ability to stay in the air. This scale is between 1-7, with 7 having the most glide. Beginners should have a disc that has a higher glide between 5-7.
  • Turn-The third number on a disc is the turn the disc has. This is judged from 1 to -5. For a right-handed backhand throw a 1 will be the most resistant to turning to the right while a -5 will turn the most at the beginning the throw.. We recommend that beginners start with a disc that has a a lower rating between -1 and -5. 
  • Fade-The last number on a disc is the fade on a throw. This has a score from 0-5. For a right-handed backhand throw a 0 will finish the straightest, while a 5 will hook hard left towards the end of the flight of the throw..  The last number we recommend that beginners get a disc that has a lower score between 0-3. 

Learn more about the numbers on discs by clicking here.

11 Best Disc Golf Drivers for Beginners

Now that you have a brief understanding of what the numbers mean, let’s get into the real reason you are here. Here are our 11 best disc golf drivers for beginners that we recommend.





The Axiom Rhythm is one of the best disc golf drivers for 

beginners. It is a neutral under stable disc that has a smooth through and will most dependably go straight. It has PDGA approved, and has all of the numbers that we recommend for beginners. If you are interested in getting one check out Amazon’s prices here.

Axiom Rhythm

This long range disc golf driver is one of the best beginner disc golf drivers. The Discraft Zombee is a controlled driver that is recommended for all skills. It is best for straight and turnover shots. As you learn to throw this disc will always be a forgiving disc that will mostly go straight whenever you throw it. As you continue to develop it will always be a great tool to have in your bag. 





The Innova Leopard is one of the best distance drivers for beginners. Not only does it have a very straight flight path, but it also is a disc that a lot of beginner’s here at FrolfHQ have used.  It has always been a very reliable disc that is always in our top beginner discs, and it will forever be a favorite in our bags. 








The Yikun Jiao disc golf fairway driver is a beginner friendly disc. The Jiao is an understable fairway that is specifically designed for the beginner. With a slower speed, this disc will fly straight as easy as pie. Not only will it fly straight, but the sticky grip plastic is a must for any weather and it is approved by the PDGA for use in any tournament!







Just like our favorite Mel Gibson film the Legacy Patriot will remind you why we are free in America. Jokes aside, the Patriot offers a straight, reliable from a low arm speed. The slower speed will help gain maximum distance for any beginner to take advantage of. Kind of ironic that you throw this into chains rather than having it fly free. 








The MVP Relay is an understable fairway driver. Unlike a lot of these discs, the Relay has a slim wing that is easy to grip for crazy long drives. This is made of the most premium material plastic for an exceptional feel, which makes this a perfect disc golf driver for a beginner. Not only is it easy to grip, but it comes in really great colors that make the disc a little trippy. 








Innova couldn’t resist to make a good thing better. With the Innova Leopard3 they created a little faster disc that still is great for beginners. A reliable disc that can make any situation feel like you are a professional. This disc will fly straight, but it is a little more difficult than the original Leopard. This is still a solid option for disc golf driver for a beginner. 







The Prodigy F7 is a slow speed, under stable, fairway driver with a lot of glide for maximum distance. It is a huge favorite between pros and beginners alike! When thrown correctly the F7 is less stable which gives it more glide for a under stable flight. Great disc for easy hyzer flips. The disc is even made with 500 Spectrum which is a very durable plastic from Prodigy. 





The Signal is an understable fairway driver that has a low speed which makes it really easy to throw for maximum flight path. This is why it ended up on this list for best disc golf drivers for beginners. When the disc is thrown to full potential it is a great hyzer-flip and is able to be a great roller. Definitely a worthy weapon to have in the arsenal. If you are running out of room, check out our recommendations for the best bags







The predictability and accuracy the Innova Hawkeye is the go to for beginner disc golf drivers. The faster this disc is thrown the straighter this will fly while having exceptional glide to get even more distance. For beginners, this disc has a predictable flight path that makes it easy to get consistent. 









The Valkyrie currently holds the World Distance record, so we had to put it on the best disc golf drivers for beginners list. This is the best choice for first distance drivers and tailwind drives. It has great glide, but you will have to throw the disc a little faster in order to really gain the full flight path. 

In Conclusion....

These are the best disc golf drivers for beginners. We sincerely believe that it is not completely about the disc, but also about consistency. Do not feel threatened that you aren’t throwing 300 feet. The more that you play the further and further you will throw the disc. When most of us started at FrolfHQ we were hardly throwing 100 feet. After years of consistently going and practicing we were able to get that throw from 75 feet to 250 to 300 feet on a consistent basis. 

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