What Is A Hyzer Throw Vs An Anhyzer Throw?

Disc golf is a unique sport many people participate in today. It involves a thrower, a disc, and a basket. They must aim to get the disc inside. Many disc golfers use two techniques to throw – the anhyzer and hyzer throw. What is the difference between these two? What sets them apart?


A hyzer throw is where the disc golfer releases the disc with the top away from the thrower. The anhyzer disc is a technique where the top of the disc faces the individual.


If you’re interested in learning more about the hyzer and anhyzer throw, you’ve come to the right place. Read on as we compare the two, determine which is better, and reveal when you should use each throw. The more you know, the better your disc golf game will be on the field. If

What Is A Hyzer Throw?

A hyzer throw helps work with the natural angle of the disc, permitting the thrower to navigate tricky obstacles on the course. It allows the golfer to plant their approach. If there is a tree in the way of the basket, a hyzer throw is an ideal solution to bank a hard angle around the obstacles.

You can perform a hyzer throw through the following steps:


  • Stand on the tee pad in a proper disc golf stance
  • Angle the disc away from you
  • Follow through with power

Something resembling a hyzer will emerge from these steps.

As with all throws, it takes time to master the hyzer throw. You won’t be an expert right away. Take some time on the course, learning the technique. You can perform it in time like it is second nature to your body.

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What Is An Anhyzer Throw?

An anhyzer throw is the opposite of a hyzer throw. You push the tip upwards rather than letting the disc go with the angle down. It’s necessary to have a stable disc when using an anhyzer throw to ensure it won’t wobble in the air when you release it.

You can perform an anhyzer throw through the following steps:


  • Stand on the tee in a traditional disc golf stance
  • Angle the disc toward you
  • Follow through with power

Something close to an anhyzer throw will appear after these steps.

Like the hyzer, it will take practice to perfect the anhyzer throw. On the course, practice hyzer and anhyzer together to master the techniques, ensuring you know what you are doing before attempting them in a professional setting.

Check out Rippin Discs video below for a visual understanding anhyzer vs hyzer throws.

Which Throw Is Better?

Although it might seem tempting to compare the two to determine which is better, the hyzer and anhyzer throws are different tactics. They each have varying situations where they are helpful. It would be best if you understood how to perform each on the field in case you are ever in a position where one is necessary.


Release angles are critical in a disc golf game. It’s best to practice until you perfect your own, creating a masterful hyzer and anhyzer release to show off in the game. Both will improve your sport, rather than using one over the other.

When Should You Use Each Throw?

Once you understand the hyzer and anhyzer, when should you use them? It’s critical to know the situations that warrant each throw.

Use the hyzer throw when:


  • You want to throw your disk as straight as possible
  • You want to throw a big throw with plenty of available room

A hyzer is the right choice in these scenarios.

The anhyzer has a different purpose. It involves a variation in angle and stability.

Use the anhyzer throw when:


  • You want to achieve an angle in your throw
  • You need to navigate around obstacles on the course

An anhyzer throw will be effective in these situations.

The more you play, the easier it will be to define when each play should be used. In time, it won’t take much thinking to pick your technique while in action.

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Final Thoughts

The hyzer and anhyzer throws are valuable tools in disc golf. The hyzer involves pointing the face of the disc away while the analyzer faces it towards the thrower. Each has its use on the field and will help navigate varying situations a golfer might face.


We hope this information was helpful! As a disc golfer, it’s critical to understand the various throws in the sport. These will improve your game and help you get closer to the basket every time. The hyzer and anhyzer throw have their time for use in a quality game.

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